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What do we do?

Our group of dedicated volunteers provide informative, interactive sessions for young people in KS2 all the way up to sixth form; we tailor our sessions to the educational level of the group or individual. Examples of some of the things we get up to are detailed below.

Host talks

With prospective WP medical students, giving them a realistic idea of what medical school is like.

Stage mock interviews

The majority of medical schools in the UK interview using multiple mini interviews (MMIs). Lots of companies offer often expensive courses or tutoring packages to prepare students for these unique interviews. WAMS hosts events like these free of charge for WP students.

Demystify applying to medicine

We aim to aid students throughout the medical school application process by signposting students to relevant resources and by providing tips & advice.


Both aspiring and current medical students through advocating and educating.

Host interactive sessions

Tailored to younger children to introduce the idea of an exciting career in medicine.


Our own personal experiences of applying to medical school and beyond.

What People Say

Student, 2021

"A realistic experience which allowed me to understand how the real interview may function"
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