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Applying to Medical School

Cardiff University Passport to Medicine

A breakdown of things to think about, apply for, volunteer with, and be aware of every year of school (Y9-Y13) in order to set you up well for getting into medical school.

The Aspiring Medics

Programme to help disadvantaged students access support with their medical school application

Looking for a mentor?

Zero gravity offer free one-to-one mentoring and masterclasses for school students; sign up to match with a mentor for guidance and support.

BSMS Outreach resources

Guidance for anyone who may be considering applying to medical school from Brighton and Sussex Medical School.

Medical Schools Council

Med School application advice from the Medical Schools Council


Resources to help prepare you for your admission exam

UoN requirements

Application requirements to study medicine at Nottingham

* Please note these are external websites and resources and we are not responsible for the content they share or views they endorse. Some of these sites may offer paid-for services but please don't feel like you need to pay money to access high quality resources for your application - there are many free resources available.​

Social Mobility Foundation

A Free Programme that helps support Students from Year 12 up until their first graduate job. It offers mentoring,  university application support and internship support etc.

The Sutton Trust

A Programme which helps students from less advantaged backgrounds to access leading universities and careers

UCAT Website

Access to free preparation materials to support UCAT Test Preparation such as question banks and practice tests

MY UCAT Strategic Medicine Applications

A PDF which gives you information on how to tactically apply for medicine considering your grades and your UCAT/BMAT Score. It also provides you with in-depth information about every UK Medical School.

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