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Medical Student Leadership Scheme

Provides med students with opportunities for leadership development as part of electives and student selected components.

FMLM is committed to supporting med students who are seeking to develop their leadership and management aspirations.


RCPath Summer School

This annual event held every August is open to UK medical students in any year of training, offering the opportunity to find out about the wide range of pathology specialities through a mixture of lectures and small-group sessions. This free two-day course will give you a chance to talk to trainees & consultants about their careers.  


Nottingham Internship Scheme

The Nottingham Internship Scheme (NIS) provides a range of work experience opportunities exclusively for their students and graduates.

All of the opportunities are with small to medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), charities or social organisations. They take place throughout the year with schemes during spring and summer.


Witty Entrepreneurial Scheme

The Witty Entrepreneurial Scholarship has established an innovative programme of undergraduate scholarships for promising student entrepreneurs from lower-income backgrounds.

The scholarship is a generous gift from Sir Andrew Witty, former Chancellor of the University of Nottingham, and his family.


The Maudsley Training Programme

The Institute of Psychiatry, Psychology & Neuroscience Summer School is a week-long event open to high-achieving, dedicated, and motivated medical students and foundation year doctors. Their aim is to promote psychiatry to those who are wondering about a career in psychiatry, but have yet to make up their minds.


High Impact Medicine

High Impact Medicine (Hi-Med) is a non-profit organisation dedicated to inspiring and empowering medical students and doctors to maximise their positive impact in their careers. They organise fellowships, mentoring programmes, 1 on 1 career advice, and more.

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